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Are you thriving and flourishing – working towards aspirational goals, experiencing peak productivity, experiencing joy in life, standing at the edge and leaning in?

Or are you languishing? Struggling and feeling stuck, unable to move forward or don’t see how to move forward.

If you are not moving forward, you are standing still. Striving for a purpose driven, passion filled life, and seeing your ‘self’ as part of something more, something bigger, something whole, rather than fragmented. A meaningful existence. This is what ANspired is about.

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Working with Anita for the past several months has been a transformative journey. I’ve gained invaluable insights into various facets of my life—professional, personal, and familial. Specifically, I’ve achieved four major breakthroughs:

1. Elevated Self-Awareness – Anita has facilitated a rapid, yet profound, self-exploration journey that has deepened my understanding of who I am in both my work and personal spheres.

2. Mastery in Delegation – Her expert guidance has equipped me with the skills to effectively train and lead managers at diverse stages of their professional growth.

3. Leadership Differentiation – I have gained a nuanced comprehension of the distinct roles and responsibilities of leaders, managers, and individual contributors.

4. Reclaimed Job Satisfaction – Anita’s coaching has enabled me to take pride in my accomplishments, something I had previously overlooked.

As I implement these lessons, I look forward to experiencing a harmonious balance between my work and personal life.

Additionally, I want to express my gratitude for Anita’s keen observations on the core values I uphold—Respect, See, and Loyalty. These insights will not only guide my future actions but also fortify my belief that consistency and discipline are the cornerstones of success. Inspired by all I have learned, my goal is now to foster a workplace culture that prioritizes positivity and well-being for everyone involved.


In our final session today, Anita guided me to reflect on the progress I’ve made not only in this year’s (2023) coaching experience but since our first coaching conversation in early 2022. We followed a through line of my growth from being externally reactive and anxious to being internally curious and grounded.

I am proud of myself for developing strategies for emotional resilience and also for adopting a true growth mindset – I am excited for my continued reflection and development ahead!




My four-month coaching experience with Anita has been nothing short of transformative. While I initially had reservations about confronting unhealthy patterns that have been with me for decades—such as difficulty in saying no, grappling with imposter syndrome, and struggling with work-life balance—Anita’s expert guidance has made a world of difference.

Through a series of deep, candid conversations, Anita helped me unearth the underlying beliefs that fueled these behaviors. Together, we confronted these issues, no matter how uncomfortable or challenging. The journey was tough at times, but the personal growth I’ve achieved is invaluable.

I can genuinely say that this experience has been a pivotal moment in my life. I now view my career as segmented into two phases: before and after my coaching journey with Anita.
~ Vivian Lo
Project Manager

Anita doesn’t just listen; she listens with a depth that few can match. After each session with her, I don’t just feel heard—I feel profoundly understood, enabling me to emerge as a more effective professional and manager.

When you combine Anita’s two-decade-long corporate experience with her seasoned coaching expertise, the result is nothing short of electric. I leave each session not just energized but reinvigorated, equipped with actionable insights.

Her wisdom, maturity, and steadiness provide me, as a young leader, with a comprehensive 360-degree viewpoint that I occasionally lack. It’s like having a built-in navigation system guiding me through the complexities of leadership and management.

It’s not just another coaching session; it’s an event I eagerly anticipate, and one that has become a cornerstone of my professional development.


As a coach, I understand the profound impact of professional guidance. That’s why, when I needed to elevate my own skills and resolve some personal challenges, Anita was the coach I reached out to.

Anita’s gifts of deep listening and incisive questioning created an environment where I felt safe to truly open up—even when I was wrestling with intense emotions. During one of our sessions, my emotions took over, and Anita remained an unwavering support, offering the space for my full expression.

Her coaching isn’t just about providing answers; it’s about unlocking the right questions. She has a remarkable ability to offer insights that clarify and resolve the complexities I faced, both personally and in laying the groundwork for my upcoming business endeavors.

Anita embodies compassion and empathy in her coaching. She’s not just a coach; she’s a steadfast ally in your corner. I recommend her not just wholeheartedly, but with the utmost professional admiration.


Engaging with Annie is like embarking on a profound journey into your innermost self. She possesses the extraordinary ability to act as a mirror, revealing not just who you are, but also who you aspire to be.

Then comes the transformative part: Annie offers a toolkit of powerful strategies that genuinely work. To attest to this, after merely two sessions with her, I successfully launched my first online program. This immediate success not only gave me confidence but also ignited my enthusiasm to venture into new professional domains.

For women seeking authentic personal and professional growth, I can’t recommend Annie enough. She doesn’t just guide you through change; she equips you to catalyze it yourself.


Anita has been instrumental in transforming my “what ifs” into empowering narratives. She challenges my preconceived notions and asks me to deeply consider why I hold certain beliefs about myself. Through this process, I’ve realized I am indeed on the right path to achieving my self-defined greatness.

Prior to our sessions, I was consumed with comparing myself to others and overly concerned about their perception of me. Anita has helped me shift focus toward how I view myself, empowering me to break down walls of self-limitation. With just one breakthrough, I’ve felt lighter and freer in my own skin.


I asked Soo Yin to be my Coach during a significant organizational restructuring. I needed clarity on how to adapt and evolve as a leader to guide my division successfully. Through the Birkman assessment tool and a thought-provoking combination of questions and insights, I overcame what seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. Soo Yin’s non-judgmental and reassuring approach provided a safe space for me to address complicated and sometimes emotional challenges. I became aware of my blind spots and stress-induced behaviors, enabling me to better manage myself and, in turn, lead more effectively. This coaching experience has been transformative.

Director, Tertiary Institution in Singapore

Amidst a period requiring swift leadership development to sustain our organization’s rapid growth, Soo Yin’s coaching was instrumental. Her calm, reflective, and supportive demeanor served as a catalyst for effective individual and team development. Her insights helped me create a high-functioning leadership team. She has been a listening ear, a source of practical wisdom, and an effective implementer.

Director, Social Services Organisation in Singapore

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I faced the challenges of working from home and overseeing my children’s home-based learning. Soo Yin’s coaching offered me a partnership that enhanced my self-awareness and clarity. This enabled me to respond authentically and wisely to work challenges while maintaining balance at home. I felt both supported and challenged as she facilitated my deeper reflections, helping me prioritize and achieve my goals.

Director, Public Listed Organisation in Singapore

Before meeting Coach Francisco, I believed coaches were just about providing to-do lists for reaching goals. However, Francisco changed my perception entirely.

Francisco was the first to ask what I truly wanted, emphasizing that my desires were central to the coaching process.

He guided me towards self-discovery, fostering an environment where I felt free to focus on my present and future. In doing so, he helped me realize that embracing change, however uncomfortable, is key to progress.

His listening skills, coupled with his own stories, encouraged me to embrace my journey. I’m now filled with self-love, better prepared for my career, and more giving in my personal life.

I highly recommend Coach Francisco for his professionalism, empathy, and wisdom. Thanks, as I always say, for everything.


My coaching experience with Matthew has been transformative. Though I’m naturally introspective, the clarity and insight Matthew brings to our conversations has elevated my self-awareness to new heights.

What sets Matthew apart are his incisive metaphors that resonate deeply with me, thought-provoking perspectives that lead to mindset shifts, and encouraging words that refocus me on my goals. He helps me navigate the obstacles I face, which often manifest as limiting beliefs or negative thoughts.

While one session might trigger a minor change, it’s the series of conversations and the accountability Matthew provides that have led to substantial progress. He continually inspires me to take charge of my destiny, helping me stay aligned with my overarching life objectives, even when life’s minutiae threaten to derail me.


We all have the opportunity for a new beginning — starting now.

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