Shattering the glass ceiling does not need to be just a concept.

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As a high achiever, your sheer hard work and dedication has seen you work your way up the career ladder. However, despite these achievements, do you find yourself lacking motivation or stuck in your career? If the answer is yes, then it is an indication that you should look at making a career shift/transformation. 

As someone who has undergone a similar process of introspection, followed by a successful career transformation, I can coach and guide you through this transition journey. From figuring out your true professional calling, to various HR aspects (by drawing on my 20 years of experience as a HR director) like, creating the perfect career change resume, preparing for the interviews etc.

Through this interactive personalised process, we will ensure you truly experience a sense of motivation and accomplishment, and achieve greater heights of success in your career.

Helping You Achieve Success


As a woman, I understand that the leap from managerial to director level is sometimes the hardest one. Yes, I’ve been there! And I’ve made it. Let me guide you through the process of breaking the glass ceiling and coach you to make the next step an easier transition.

When women work together it’s a force like no other.

It’s never too late to start


I know what you are thinking. You have been out of the workforce for too long. There is a gap in your CV and the global pandemic add-on feels like one too many challenges to navigate when thinking about joining the workforce again!

It is never too late to re-connect. It is never too late to re-align yourself.

The decade spent at home with kids has built invaluable skills to tap into. Years of working in jobs that felt like the ‘next best option’ have taught you more than you realise.

It is time to pause and reflect on what you know and what you need to know. It is scary to dig deep into yourself. Getting hold of your potential takes a lot of questions aimed at yourself  and I will help you to gently manage this process, build up your confidence and step towards the new direction that is starting to take shape in your mind.




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Behind every successful organisation stands a highly motivated and effective management team.

As an organisation looking to scale even greater heights of success, you will need to ensure that your entire management team stays highly focused and motivated. The question then arises, “How do you go about motivating and retaining this highly skilled group of individuals?” The answer lies squarely in the Executive and Leadership segments of Professional Coaching, which together play a key role in inspiring and empowering individuals, working at various levels of management within your organisation.

This is where we at ANspired, step in to ensure your management team receives the following comprehensive and personalised coaching sessions and workshops:

Executive Coaching:
Tailor made for the senior management of your organisation, to help them enhance their professional skill sets along with inter-personal skills, thereby enabling them to lead the organisation to greater levels of success.

Leadership Coaching:
Here the target group is the lower/middle level management, for whom we offer skill enhancement and leadership coaching, to better prepare them for their current and future roles within the organisation.

By enabling this opportunity for professional growth, you will now be able to bring together these highly skilled individuals to form a cohesive management team who will work to ensure your organisation makes its mark in the business world.


Sessions with Ani are like getting to know your inner self. She first uncovers your inner self, your desires and your aspirations. She has an uncanny gift of showing us our own reflection. Then she finds out our problem areas and provides us with tools to fix it. And trust me, her tools are very effective. In just 2 sessions with her I launched my first ever program online. And this success has given me the confidence to pursue more new arenas. So I sincerely recommend Ani to women who wish for growth intrinsically and professionally

Hemamalini R

I’m a work in progress – and change is hard but recognising the need for change is half the battle. Annie has helped me, and continues to do so, in digging beneath the surface so I can tap into and nurture my best self. She listens carefully using her expertise, intuition and wisdom to provide the tools you need to grow professionally (and personally) and make successful decisions. As our coaching sessions are still ongoing, I look forward to each session as more layers come undone that allow me to think wider and deeper towards a purpose driven life.

Zarina Ann Muhammad

Director - Marketing Comms, Singapore

I have done coaching sessions with Anita . I have experienced this coaching is very useful to open my mind better to overcome my worries and bring out my strength.
Anita was able to guide me to explore my potential which was blocked by my mind. So I have more positive energy inside me to use my capability for my work

Rika Riantika

Regional Sales Director, Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia

Before working with Anita I was feeling overworked and undervalued and above all – trapped inside this vicious circle of trying to prove myself to others resulting in even more frustration.
I have my game plan now and feel so much more confident and in control.

Martina Boor

UAE & New Zealand


Anita Rajendran-See Anspired Professional Coach

The combination of HR skills and life coaching has allowed me to develop a method that will guide you through self-assessment exploring the current realities that you find yourself in, uncover your goals and desires and work on planning the path of achieving these markers. As our lives are a combination of private and business journeys, our work will cover and combine both aspects– helping you to understand your strengths and use those strengths to get the next job.

The method requires minimum of 6 sessions to achieve tangible results – you can book your ‘GET TO KNOW YOU’ consultation


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