4 Ways Coaching Can Make You A More Confident Leader

  • ANspired
  • 13 Dec 2022
  • 3 MIN READ

As a leader, how do you display your self confidence when it comes to making decisions? Would you say you have absolute certainty in your competency? Conviction is a critically important component of strong leadership and an essential element of executive presence. Such is how executive coaching can help leaders with confidence to execute action plans, identify career objectives, on top of developing self awareness. 

The coaching process is collaborative, customised, and client-driven, as many turn to coaches for guidance to talk through and figure out how they are relating to their situations, consider professional crises and  opportunities, and reflect deeply on the impact they are creating in the organisation and the teams around them. Effective executive coaching has also been shown to improve performance, particularly for leaders dealing with situations of uncertainty. But how exactly does coaching benefit those in leadership positions and the organisations they belong to? In this article, we explore some ways executive coaching can assist business leaders in elevating their leadership game and achieving their professional goals.

Uncovers blind spots

Uncovers blind spots leadership coaching Singapore

Many business leaders excel in certain leadership aspects, but what about areas you can improve on that remain invisible to you? A leader’s blind spots can inhibit and derail a high-functioning team – to truly be effective, leaders need to uncover blind spots with regards to themselves and the way they lead. Seeking input through executive coaching enables you to perceive situations realistically and react to them appropriately, facilitating personal and professional growth. 

Improves self-awareness

Self-awareness is an essential trait of any good leader. This includes both introspection and honest identification of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. It also involves the capability to turn those reflections into tools for personal growth. When you accurately assess your feelings, biases can be avoided with clearer decisions made. Understanding thoughts, how they translate into action, and the effects of those actions on others, enable leaders to better motivate their teams.

Provides new insights

Executive coaches are particularly adept at helping others see the strengths and value they bring to the table. With the help of an executive coach, a client learns how to put their particular skills to use in unique and unexpected ways. 

Such is especially true for women in leadership programs that help address the underlying challenges and systemic barriers that typically hold women back at work more so than men. Common goals for coaching women in leadership roles can include navigating gender biases and workplace politics, increasing confidence and resilience, in addition to negotiating offers and promotions. This unlocks the full potential of a female  executive  and creates a leader who leads with confidence and compassion.

Increased empowerment

Greater resilience leadership coaching Singapore

Working with an executive coach can transform those in leadership roles into high-functioning, engaged visionaries with the skills to drive an organisation forward. Most importantly, coaching helps leaders develop new ways of thinking about their work and empowers them to improve their performance in a structured and consistent way. Successful people and businesses are driven by a strong sense of purpose. The increased sense of empowerment that comes with executive coaching allows leaders to effectively achieve their goals while also enhancing the overall quality of their leadership style. Female empowerment for instance, represents the awareness that women have the ability to be owners of their own actions, to take action and ultimately, to lead their lives to the fullest. 

Executive coaching comes with a host of benefits such as building leadership skills, enumerating personal beliefs, developing strategies to improve performance, and building self-confidence. Teaming up with the right executive coach can empower individuals to achieve greater success and become leaders of transformation throughout the entire organisation.

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