How to Ask Yourself Introspective Questions

  • Anita Rajendran-See
  • 02 Aug 2022
  • 3 MIN READ
Guided self-inquiry meditations benefit all age ranges – from children to adults. These reflective questions can help you access your thoughts and emotions and align them with your true self-interest and highest goals. They can be used by anyone, not just those with a self-inquiry meditation practice.

Question 1: What is My Greatest Fear?

Fear is an illusion. Whatever you are afraid of, it only appears to you because of how your mind interprets it. You don’t know what it will be like, and imagine the worst possible outcome. So, your first question could be, “What am I afraid will happen?”  There is no right or wrong answer here, and whatever comes up for you first may be your most critical insight or lesson to explore.

Question 2: What is My Biggest Hope?

Hope is an illusion, too. Whatever you are hoping for, it will only be that way if you make it become that way. Your second question could be,  “What do I hope will happen?” Again, there is no right or wrong answer here, and whatever comes up for you first may be the most crucial insight or lesson for you to explore.

Question 3: What am I Grateful For?

This question is good to get in the habit of asking yourself throughout your day. Recognizing what you are grateful for takes your focus off the stressors in your life and places it on what is already working well.

Question 4: What am I Thinking Right Now?

Whatever thoughts come up, allow them to come and go. When you are present with your thoughts, without judgment, without resistance, they don’t matter. They just come and go. The only thing that matters is this moment, the space of awareness itself. Notice what arises in this awareness space and how it relates to other moments.

Question 5: How Am I Defining Success?

This question is also suitable for a while, but eventually, you will drop the need for that outcome when it becomes something that already exists within you. However, this does not mean you don’t have goals – it just means that an external source no longer defines them. Instead, they arise naturally in response to how things are working best right now. These are only a few reflective questions to guide you on your journey. As you get more experienced with self-inquiry, a whole new world of possibilities will open up for you. You will find that you can use these same kinds of questions at any moment whenever it is appropriate or helpful for you. You can also experiment with different questions to see what comes up for you.

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