What is Team Coaching?

Unlike 1:1 coaching or team building, Team Coaching explores issues that relate to collective performance, enabling the team to recognize and manage influences on its performance, now and in the future. Team coaching takes a systemic view of those influences, which may concern the team’s internal dynamics and/or how it interacts with its stakeholders. This is a powerful and effective process that will enhance the performance of individual members, the leader, and the team as a whole as well as impact the immediate business and wider organization.

“Partnering with an entire team in an on-going relationship for the purpose of collectively raising awareness and building better connections in the team’s internal and external systems and enhancing the team’s capability to cope with current and future challenges.”
– Profs Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck

In a complex, adaptive system, multiple elements interact constantly with each other. Using a PERILL model developed by David Clutterbuck, we build or enhance high-value-creating teams.

“Teams exist to achieve a shared goal, a collective purpose. The question then is who and what goal does the team serve? The bigger the organisation the harder it is for teams to collaborate effectively and achieve those goals. This is where Team Coaching steps in.”

Team coaching is a fairly new science that shifts focus away from coaching individual team leaders to creating a collaborative learning space for the entire team to work together and integrate socially to achieve shared goals. There is a great deal of complexity involved in helping teams to organise but this is where Team Coaching can be beneficial.

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Why is Team Coaching important?

Team Coaching is a complex activity. The Co-Coaches assist the team to become aware of and understand a few areas of its complex systems and agree with the team on how to respond to their understandings. 80% of organizations operate almost wholly in teams and today’s world is complex and changing rapidly. NGOs and organisations need qualified team coaches and leaders with the ability to create connections on multiple levels to develop a sustainable and prosperous workplace. The greatest value add to an organisation from getting Team Coaching is the insights and new perspectives from the Co-Coaches and integrating them with existing knowledge and using this new knowledge to challenge existing knowledge and assumptions. 

Team literacy is now an essential competence for all coaches, team leaders, and HR professionals. Today’s challenges need collaborative teams. 

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Why engage with Team Coaching?

    Team coaching helps to reduce conflict within the team and between teams and it increases the efficiency of team processes and systems by asking why things are done the way they are. There is a consensus that team coaching helps to improve the quality of communication with external stakeholders.

    1. Navigate the challenges of today’s hyper-complex and fast-changing world
    2. Develop better processes of decision-making, communicating and organizing work
    3. Work more effectively with other teams
    4. Develop greater clarity of purpose
    5. Become “future fit”

    With a higher sense of connectedness to the rest of the team, retention improves as well, and so does productivity with team members having a higher sense of belongingness to the team.