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With 40+ combined years in Human Capital Management with multinational organisations around the world, our Coaches bring expertise in HR for organisations. Familiarity in start-up environments, aquaculture, education and hospitality sectors – agility and versatility means that start-ups in the region can bring us on board for short term assignments in managing full spectrum HR and also niche headhunting assignments in the region.


PIX Sessions with Ani are like getting to know your inner self. She first uncovers your inner self, your desires and your aspirations. She has an uncanny gift of showing us our own reflection. Then she finds out our problem areas and provides us with tools to fix it. And trust me, her tools are very effective. In just 2 sessions with her I launched my first ever program online. And this success has given me the confidence to pursue more new arenas. So I sincerely recommend Ani to women who wish for growth intrinsically and professionally
Hemamalini R
PIX I have done coaching sessions with Anita . I have experienced this coaching is very useful to open my mind better to overcome my worries and bring out my strength. Anita was able to guide me to explore my potential which was blocked by my mind. So I have more positive energy inside me to use my capability for my work
. Rika Riantika
Regional Sales Director, Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia
PIX Before working with Anita I was feeling overworked and undervalued and above all – trapped inside this vicious circle of trying to prove myself to others resulting in even more frustration. I have my game plan now and feel so much more confident and in control.
Martina Boor
UAE & New Zealand

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