Amazing sessions

  • 28 Jan 2022

Anita helped me turn my “what ifs” into narratives of empowerment by imagining hypotheticals that prove positive counters to my instinctive negative thoughts. She asks probing questions about my preconceived notions and challenges me to think about why I hold certain ideas about myself. I dove into my conceptions about greatness and what that entails and in doing so recognised that I am on the right track to reaching my self-defined greatness.

I recognise now that I can be so focused on comparison and how others perceive me that I don’t give enough weight to how I hold myself in esteem. Anita understands my needs and gives me the push I need to break through my limiting thoughts. It really just takes one “crack” for an entire wall of self-limitation to fall and I’ve felt much lighter because of our conversations.

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