Testimonial : Francisco

  • 06 May 2022

I have always thought that a Personal & Professional Coach is someone who would tell me what to do and how I could make a way for my goals. I have always imagined someone with a long list of what one has to do and not to do until I happened to bump into a Coach who I thought at first was only ideal and an imaginary character. But he is real.

No one else has ever really asked me, what exactly I really wanted, and I always come to think, my want is not important at all. But for Coach Francisco, it is the CORE.

And then, I realized what I wanted, and found myself.

An environment to grow, a space where I could breathe, and a calm insight into what I needed in order to grow and bloom from there. It has always been about me all throughout the process. He made me focus on myself, be open, and feel that the present is where I really belong – without even telling me. When something has to change, acknowledge and adapt, no matter how uncomfortable, because only by moving on with these changes can I always move forward.

All these make me progress. I listened to his stories when I wouldn’t want to talk. He listened to mine when I wanted to, and he heard me well. Always. My journey is now becoming an amazing one, now that I have learned how to love myself more. I am filled and ready to give more to my career and dreams, and to the one I love because now, I am pouring from the overflow.

My recommendation goes for Coach Francisco Reyes. His professionalism, calmness, humor, confidence, charm, wisdom, and learnings, which I can even write a book about. There is not much space left here. Coach, thanks, thanks as I always say.

  Carolina Villanueva

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