Transformative Coaching Journey with Anita: A Four-Month Experience

  • 02 Aug 2022

My four-month coaching experience with Anita has been nothing short of transformative. While I initially had reservations about confronting unhealthy patterns that have been with me for decades—such as difficulty in saying no, grappling with imposter syndrome, and struggling with work-life balance—Anita’s expert guidance has made a world of difference.

Through a series of deep, candid conversations, Anita helped me unearth the underlying beliefs that fueled these behaviors. Together, we confronted these issues, no matter how uncomfortable or challenging. The journey was tough at times, but the personal growth I’ve achieved is invaluable.

I can genuinely say that this experience has been a pivotal moment in my life. I now view my career as segmented into two phases: before and after my coaching journey with Anita.
~ Vivian Lo
Project Manager

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