Testimonial : Francisco

I have always thought that a Personal & Professional Coach is someone who would tell me what to do and how I could make a way for my goals. I have always imagined someone with a long list of what one has to do and not to do until I happened to bump into a Coach who I thought at first was only ideal and an imaginary character. But he is real.

No one else has ever really asked me, what exactly I really wanted, and I always come to think, my want is not important at all. But for Coach Francisco, it is the CORE.

And then, I realized what I wanted, and found myself.

An environment to grow, a space where I could breathe, and a calm insight into what I needed in order to grow and bloom from there. It has always been about me all throughout the process. He made me focus on myself, be open, and feel that the present is where I really belong – without even telling me. When something has to change, acknowledge and adapt, no matter how uncomfortable, because only by moving on with these changes can I always move forward.

All these make me progress. I listened to his stories when I wouldn’t want to talk. He listened to mine when I wanted to, and he heard me well. Always. My journey is now becoming an amazing one, now that I have learned how to love myself more. I am filled and ready to give more to my career and dreams, and to the one I love because now, I am pouring from the overflow.

My recommendation goes for Coach Francisco Reyes. His professionalism, calmness, humor, confidence, charm, wisdom, and learnings, which I can even write a book about. There is not much space left here. Coach, thanks, thanks as I always say.

  Carolina Villanueva


Testimonial: Matthew Sy

My life coaching sessions with Matthew have been instrumental in my journey of personal transformation. I’ve always been a very introspective person who liked to jot down my thoughts and process them by myself but having someone (with a clear understanding of how thoughts work) converse with me and help me process them has been quite life-changing. What Matthew uniquely offers are clear metaphors for my situation (and I would deeply resonate with them!), challenging perspectives that often lead me to a positive mindset shift, and most of all, just the right words of encouragement to remind me of my goals. He has been helping me overcome any blockers— which are usually in the form of limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns— and I would then come out of our sessions feeling more clear and inspired.

Of course, it’s not always an easy journey. One conversation might be enough to nudge a positive change in me, but it was the series of conversations, along with accountability to take action, that allowed me to make significant progress. Matthew does such an amazing job at inspiring me to take ownership of my life. I would often get busy and forget about my bigger life purpose, but having truly meaningful conversations with him has been keeping me on track towards my future self.


Anita listens, and listens, and listens

Anita listens, and listens, and listens. She lets me talk in an unfiltered way, and then she shares her observations. At the end of each session, I strongly believe that I come out as a better professional and a better manager.

Anita’s experience in the corporate world of more than 20 years combined with her coaching experience is a great recipe for engaging, insightful sessions. I come out very energized post these sessions.

She is very insightful, mature and has a very steady head on her shoulders. This helps a young leader like me to get a 360 degree view of situations, which is sometimes lacking at my end.

I really enjoy these coaching sessions, and look forward to them eagerly.


I was faced with a couple of crippling issues recently

As a coach myself, I keep working on myself and associating myself with people of quality. Quite a while ago, I learned the importance of being in the client’s shoes and asking another coach to help me grow when I am in need of coaching.

Anita was that coach that I reached out to.

On a regular basis, her insights, listening skills and easy-going nature really helps me to open up when I don’t know where to start. I was faced with a couple of crippling issues recently and I had a tough time. During one of our sessions, I started crying and raging…. and Anita was there for me. She gave me time and a space to express everything that was coming up. I found out that her coaching was like having an ally that provides support from unexpected places and it makes a world of a difference to have someone like her in your corner.

As much as she helped me personally, she also provides insights on the right questions to ask myself for my upcoming business that really place things in perspective.

She is someone with a heart of gold. I recommend her wholeheartedly.


Amazing sessions

Anita helped me turn my “what ifs” into narratives of empowerment by imagining hypotheticals that prove positive counters to my instinctive negative thoughts. She asks probing questions about my preconceived notions and challenges me to think about why I hold certain ideas about myself. I dove into my conceptions about greatness and what that entails and in doing so recognised that I am on the right track to reaching my self-defined greatness.

I recognise now that I can be so focused on comparison and how others perceive me that I don’t give enough weight to how I hold myself in esteem. Anita understands my needs and gives me the push I need to break through my limiting thoughts. It really just takes one “crack” for an entire wall of self-limitation to fall and I’ve felt much lighter because of our conversations.


Before working with Anita I was feeling overworked…

Before working with Anita I was feeling overworked and undervalued and above all – trapped inside this vicious circle of trying to prove myself to others resulting in even more frustration.

I have my game plan now and feel so much more confident and in control.


Sessions with Ani are like getting to know your inner self

Sessions with Ani are like getting to know your inner self. She first uncovers your inner self, your desires and your aspirations. She has an uncanny gift of showing us our own reflection. Then she finds out our problem areas and provides us with tools to fix it.

And trust me, her tools are very effective. In just 2 sessions with her, I launched my first ever program online. And this success has given me the confidence to pursue more new arenas.

So I sincerely recommend Ani to women who wish for growth intrinsically and professionally

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