What is inclusion and how do we implement it?

  • Anita Rajendran-See
  • 18 Mar 2022
  • 3 MIN READ
Inclusion means the act of involving everyone in organizations regardless of their differences. It brings people of distinct backgrounds and life experiences together, eliminating barriers. For inclusion to work, people need to do away with intolerance and discrimination. As such, everyone feels included, respected, and seen in any organization. To implement inclusion in our day to day lives, we need to:

Train Leaders on Inclusivity

The best way to bring about social change in any society is by starting from the top. Therefore, the perfect place to start bringing about inclusion in the organization is by targeting and training leaders on its essence. Then, when they lead by example, other people have a higher chance of following through on their parts.

Raising Awareness

Another essential part of implementing inclusion is by raising awareness on the topic. It is vital to understand the importance of inclusivity in their everyday lives. And conducting basic training is the best way to go about it. It is crucial to train people using simple terms to aid understanding. Examples, too, can come in handy to allow them to relate deeply and care about the subject.

Employ Inclusive Recruitment Processes

The best place to implement inclusion is by making recruitment processes fair for everyone. It opens up an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to get into previously inaccessible environments. Therefore, every organization should develop a culture of open recruitment processes because it fosters a feeling of inclusivity and fairness.

Design Safe Spaces for Everyone

For inclusion to work, the environment should be safe for everyone, irrespective of their personality or background. Therefore, the organisation needs to develop a zero-intimidation culture that accommodates all people. Everyone will feel safe to be in such an environment because they will not be judged or bullied by other people. One way to do that is by creating a bathroom that can be used by anyone or teams that have people from all walks of life.

Establish Feedback Channels

An inclusive environment means equal opportunities for people to speak up and be heard. One way of achieving that is by developing feedback channels for everyone to express their feelings and views about the ongoing issues in the place. The feedback is important for enforcing positive changes that improve the environment for everybody. It also makes people feel that their opinions matter. As we’ve seen, there are various ways of establishing inclusion in organisations such as schools, the workplace, and society in general. It all starts with training people and then creating spaces to feel respected and accepted.

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