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Anita Rajendran-See

Executive and Leadership Coach | Personal Coach

Anita Rajendran-See has over 2 decades of experience in the Human Capital field working with MNCs in Senior roles. Her experience covers, education, travel, hospitality, aquaculture and agriculture industries. She holds a Masters in Industrial Organisational Psychology from the City University of New York and is a Certified Transformational Coach. She has coached CEOs, Managing Directors, World Area Directors, Regional Sales Directors and other senior roles.

As a Director for Human Capital and Governance, she brings deep insights about how each individual can be coached to achieve greater heights. Her career and professional growth in the last 10 years has been stellar and she aspires to inspire others to be able to achieve their fullest potential.

Why choose me?

Business and Personal Coach, previously the Head of HR, Asia Pacific in MNCs with decades of experience in human resources. With a Master in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Human Resources from the City University of New York, I’m also a Certified Transformational Coach.

Having worked with a lot of people with the aim to assist them to figure out how to settle on sound life decisions that would improve their life, I ensure that every coaching session impacts the client to positively enhance their lives and bring out their fullest potential.

In addition, I’ve coached and mentored across diverse industries such as:


– Education

– Agriculture & Aquaculture

– Engineering & Architecture

– Tourism & Hospitality

– Retail… to mention a few.

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Anita Rajendran-See | Executive & Leadership Coach

Email: anita@anspired.sg

Phone: +65 9853 5600