Workshop Design

A flexible workshop to help you Design and Execute your long and short term personalized Professional Development Plan.


Walk away with a clear goal and plan for a satisfying and fulfilling career with a Personalized Professional Development Plan (PDP)that will serve as a guide for your future.


For whom

Professionals seeking guidance to define and organise their career prospects

(Synchronous e-Learning)

Take away

A PDP document outlining the next 3-5 year career plan


Synchronous e-Learning – Zoom platform

6 sessions staggered over a 4-6 week duration

Each level at USD $ 1500 per person


Level 1 – (4 – 6 weeks) 

  1. Self-awareness – WRYRN (Where are you right now?)
  2. Anchoring to the present (Personal coping mantra exercise)
  3. Priorities – Understanding motivations (Extracting strength from problems exercise)
  4. Back to the future! (Hope Map)
  5. Getting it done, putting it all together!


Level 2* – (4 – 6 weeks)

  1. Mindset survey (Moving towards a Growth Mindset exercise) includes a recap of the final product from level 1
  2. Spheres of Control (exercise)
  3. Strength spotting by exception finding (exercise)
  4. Inspiration and dealing with challenges (exercise)
  5. Finding Silver linings and Putting it all together


*recommended follow up after one year

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