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Unapologetic and courageous, a Woman In Power (WIP) is fearless in reaching for the stars. She desires meaningful connections while staying true to herself. She also yearns to be heard and understood. She effortlessly code-switches, sometimes resulting in immense feelings of dissatisfaction with the person she has become at that given moment. She elegantly and deftly balances multiple roles all while creating clear value for those around her. But, it can be lonely at the top.

WIP is a signature coaching programme tailored to each female powerhouse to help her navigate through these powerful positions. WIP is for women holding power and authority over themselves and or others.

WIP has helped women in these change situations:

  • Identify and understand what is holding them back from true purpose and passion
  • Moving from technical roles into leadership positions
  • Tackling personal issues while navigating power structures at work
  • Pressured into roles and not sure if that’s what they want and need
  • Understand the nature of DEIB and shame triggers and how it impacts
  • Dealing with a new manager / Becoming a better manager / Learning to be a leader / Working towards a promotion

Women in Power (WIP ™) is a signature coaching programme designed to accelerate women’s careers with specific focus on providing a safe space to explore and become the best versions of themselves with honest expression in a judgment-free zone.

Whether you’re that solitary woman with a seat at the table or you’re one of the rising stars flying up the ranks, or perhaps stuck in a role for a long time, you’ve probably wondered what’s that next step for you. WIP is the way to find out.

Fast Facts
  • ANspired

    In 2020, women holding senior leadership positions in mid-market businesses in Singapore hit 33%

  • ANspired

    Globally, women in senior leadership positions has passed the critical 30% threshold, which research shows is the minimum representation needed to change decision-making processes. All regions surveyed except for Asia Pacific (28%) have now surpassed the crucial 30% milestone.

6 Month Programme

Women In Power (WIP) is a play on the oft used Work In Progress (WIP). This is a 6-month journey of self-discovery.

The first 5 months are dedicated to an awareness of the self. An inward focused anspirational journey of self-discovery, discovering what might be holding you back, what self-limiting beliefs are you tightly holding on to, assumptions that you aren’t even aware of!

In the last month, you focus on the external aspect, your professional journey. Your professional development and career guidance for your CV and LinkedIn profile and mock interviews where required. You get an HR Director’s for your interview prep.

I'm Open & Ready for a Change

Constantly striving to be better

We are a work in progress, constantly striving to be better, from a scarcity mindset, questioning our worth, being vulnerable, needing to belong, wanting to know the answer to, “Am I good enough?” Cultivating authenticity from deep within and overcoming ‘shame gremlins’ around body image, ageing appearance, money, parenting, motherhood and all others that are thrust in our face by society, that’s what WIP is all about.

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